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  • Paula C, Sydney, NSW

    I'm devastated to learn you will be leaving Sydney at the end of April 2010, whilst at the same time fully understanding how impossible and exhausting it must be making that marathon return journey to Newcastle every week. Cari, you are a gifted and charismatic teacher, with a beautifully modulated vocal quality and, to me, exuding yoga as so much a part of you that every lesson is different and very suitable to the mood and conviction of the class. I can't tell you how much your teaching has meant to me and to all our close and happy class - thanks to you. God bless you and may you continue your inspiring vocation for many years

  • Belinda W, Newcastle, NSW

    I just wanted to let you know, that I've really enjoyed being back in your classes. I did miss the benefits that your skills bring and I look forward to the class each week. I can't thank you enough

  • Maggie R, Sydney, NSW

    I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated your wonderful instructing and your personal interest in us all at Yoga

  • Fiona M, Newcastle, NSW

    After a stressful phone call I raced to my first yoga class.  After five deep breaths I felt the weight of the world lift away.  I left my first yoga class standing taller and freeer (is that a word?).  Much of the stiffness in my lower back was gone.  It really made a difference.  So thank you

  • Anne Christoffersen, Sydney, NSW

    Thank you so much for your wonderful Yoga classes.  I find they are always physically and spiritually uplifting and your weekly topics are uncannily relevant.  Most of all thank you for your time, patience and concern with adjusting the activities so that I can continue to participate.  You do this so graciously that I never feel reluctant to try as many movements as possible.
    Recently my orthopaedic surgeon remarked about the improvement in my mobility and demeanor over the last 6 months since I have been attending your classes.  I have also noticed a considerable improvement in my concentration and in my ability to manage my pain levels.
    Looking forward to many more enjoyable revelations and continuing well being

  • Suzanna See, Newcastle, NSW

    I have been doing individual tuition yoga sessions with Cari now for about 3 months.  I feel fantastic, she has catered a personal program for me.  I have become stronger and a lot more flexible.  I feel more relaxed in my everyday life and my stress levels are not as bad as they were before I started yoga.  It has been amazing how much yoga has changed my life.  I would highly recommend yoga to anyone.

  • Jenny Richards, Mount Hutton, NSW

    After moving to Newcastle 3 years ago, I began searching for a yoga teacher in the area, and after trying various classes, was delighted when I discovered Cari Havican.  Cari's teaching style was a new experience for me, she intuitively customises her teachings for each student in the class according to their individual needs.  This approach seems to dramatically enhance the results for each student.  I noticed the benefits within the first two weeks as the pain in my hips began to decrease and eventually disappeared, and my strength and flexibility increased.  Cari is a gentle and caring teacher whose style is focused on optimum results for her students.

  • Marion C, Sydney, NSW

    After two knee operations, I looked for a yoga teacher who would be sympathetic to my special needs. Cari's patient coaching and care towards all her student's needs is why after more than five years I still attend her weekly classes. I find her classes very rewarding and I look forward to learning more yoga with Cari

  • Mrs E W Riley, Sydney, NSW

    Cari is a loving, warm and caring person.  She has brought these valuable nurturing characters to her Yoga classes and workshop.  She always makes you feel welcome.  I have been attending her Yoga classes and workshop for sometimes now and I found that after each Yoga session, I always feel refresh and peaceful.  Of all the Yoga classes I have attended, Cari’s classes are rated among the best.

  • Rosemary C, Sydney, NSW

    I have known Cari since she was a student teacher of yoga. It has been a delight to watch her grow and develop as a teacher and now I am one of her devoted students........Cari is an intelligent, caring teacher and brings in all the aspects of yoga to every class, enriching our experience with warmth and compassion.

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